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WASHINGTON — ObamaCare may not be as great as it was hyped up to be, said popular late-night comedian and satirical news host Jon Stewart told his audience Monday night.

jon-stewart-sebeliusIn his recent interview with Obama’s Health and Human Services Secretary Kathleen Sebelius, Stewart interjected his usual line of jokes but asked a series of serious questions over ObamaCare.

To start the interview, Stewart took out a laptop and challenged Sebelius to a match: Stewart would download every movie ever made while Sebelius would try to register for ObamaCare on The audience got a good laugh out of that as Sebelius nervously laughed it off.

One of her most consistent remarks was how “insurance companies have to play by new rules”, but did not talk about how ObamaCare now changes the entire health insurance marketplace and premium pricing. Sebelius also said that “for 85% of us, we don’t have to sign up for anything because we have insurance that works.”

Stewart did not hold many punches as he flatly asked Sebelius if she could not give a number of ObamaCare online registrants to him and his audience. Sebelius did not give an answer and said, “I do not have an answer for that”. To which, Stewart surmised that Sebelius may have lied to him about ObamaCare. He even asked Sebelius of how employers received a one-year delay while individuals did not, to which Sebelius stammered and said the difference did not matter.

Sebelius compared ObamaCare online enrollment to a “Kayak” reservation site, to which Stewart could only say an incredulous, “What?!” out of disbelief. Stewart pointed out how it seems unfair that big businesses get a waiver, but the American people as individuals do not and Sebelius could only say “big businesses are already in the market.”

Now, does ObamaCare sound fair to you?

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