Accuracy in Media

WASHINGTON — The liberal mainstream media has a short attention span, especially when a former Democratic governor and U.S. senator is involved. Jon Corzine, the ex-New Jersey governor and U.S. senator, is still on trial for his actions but no major reporting has been conducted about this trial.

jon corzineReuters reported that Corzine is accused of misleading investors and the public about the stability of MF Global (his futures company).In the words of federal judge Victor Marrero, Corzine and other bank executives created a “massive train wreck” of a financial collapse by misleading people about MF Global’s financial security.

Corzine and other defendants sought to reject the case against them, saying that the financial collapse was out of their control and were not liable for it. Instead, Judge Marrero declined their petition and kept this lawsuit afloat.

Other defendants include banks and corporations like JP Morgan Chase and Goldman Sachs.

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