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WASHINGTON — More hard-earned tax dollars at work? The FBI has called off its latest search for Jimmy Hoffa’s body, which has been the focus of many jokes aimed the FBI’s direction.

jimmy hoffaReuters reports that the search near a Detroit home, based on a tip from an old mobster, 85-year-old Anthony Zerilli. Lead investigator in the FBI’s Detroit office, Robert Foley, said, “We did not uncover any evidence relevant to the investigation on James Hoffa…Of course we’re disappointed.”

About 40 FBI agents were tasked with the search, but no human remains or evidence were found.

Hoffa was believed to be killed to prevent him from taking over the Teamsters, as he was a former Teamsters boss before. But, there  has been no trace of his body or its whereabouts in the present day.

Thea almost 38-year-old search for his body continues.

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