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Japan to Increase Defense Spending to Counter Chinese Influence

WASHINGTON — China’ increased hard-line rhetoric will no longer be tolerated as the Japanese government has increased defense spending to counter rising Chinese aggressiveness in the region.

Shinzo Abe [1]Reuters reported [2] that Japan is careful to not start a war with their longtime enemy, China.

Japan indicated that it will increase its defense spending by 2.6% over the next 5 years, going against decades of decreasing defense spending as the U.S. bore the brunt of defending Japan. Now, with the U.S. cutting its own defense spending, Japan has stepped up its defense spending.

The tension is over the Chinese and Japanese dispute [3] of the Senkaku (or Diaoyu) island chain in the East China Sea. Also, the Chinese has aggressively confronted the Philippines [4] and Vietnam [5] over other island claims in international waters, in addition to almost entering Japanese airspace [6] lately.