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WASHINGTON — Japan’s peace-first and self-defense aims are starting to change as Japan fears a military buildup of China and the fear of a nuclear North Korea.

shinzo abe with flagReuters reports that Japan’s update of their constitution, which was written by the U.S. when they rebuilt Japan post-World War Two, is to hedge their bets against Chinese and possibly North Korean aggression.

North Korea has not been consistent or rational in a Western sense, but has gone through familiar patterns of random attacks, loud and abrasive rhetoric then negotiations for food aid for the impoverished country’s poor.

China is building up its military and said it is building an aircraft carrier, which sparked a Russia-Japan alliance and an increased presence of American personnel training with Australian forces. U.S. President Barack Obama has left Vietnam out to dry in a dispute possession of several island chains with China.

Shinzo Abe, the current Japanese Prime Minister, is seeking to change the country’s pacifist constitution to include an option for pre-emption, which is sure to upset the Chinese.

China and Japan are currently disputing an island chain called the Senkaku or Diaoyu islands. China even aggressively warned Japanese vessels operating in international waters and enraged Japan. China, Vietnam, the Phillippines and other countries are disputing the possession of other island chains such as the Spratly Islands off the coast of several countries.

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