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WASHINGTON — Italy is facing yet another political crisis as a powerful former Italian prime minister had pulled out his political allies from the current government.

silvio berlusconi tax convictionReuters reported that Italian Prime Minister Enrico Letta will meet with President Giorgio Napolitano to discuss their next move.

Napolitano said he would dissolve parliament if it were the only recourse, only when no clear or absolute majority in parliament cannot be cobbled together. This happened as Silvio Berlusconi, a center-right former prime minister, pulled out his party’s ministers to run for election.

Berlusconi is facing a ban from parliament for tax fraud and has several scandals from his past to boot.

But, this recent political drama is threatening to destabilize a horrible Italian economy, where it is embroiled in a two-year-long recession that incurred a 2 trillion-plus public debt in euros and a youth unemployment at about 40%.

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