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WASHINGTON — Israel’s Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu urged the West to stand tough against the Iranian government during negotiations over sanctions and Iran’s nuclear program.

Reuters reported that Netanyahu, showing reporters several Iranian-supplied missiles en route to Gaza militants, said that the Iranians are trying to fool the West by making diplomatic overtures.

Netanyahu said:

“(The world) wants to delude themselves that Iran has changed its intention to obtain nuclear weapons…All I heard was a handful of soft condemnations of Iran from the international community in response to this murderous cargo.”

“But we were witness to the smiles and handshakes of Western representatives with the leaders of the Iranian regime in Tehran, at the exact same time these missiles were unloaded in Eilat.”

He was referring to the recent negotiations between the West and Iran over dismantling Iran’s nuclear program in exchange for relieving sanctions on the Iranian government.

The seized arms were found by the Israeli navy, after they captured a ship in the Red Sea. The ship had at least 40 M-204 surface-to-surface missiles made in Syria, which had the range to hit most of Israel from the Hamas-run Gaza Strip. Along with the missiles, the Israelis laid out about 180 mortar shells and 400,000 rifle rounds in the southern Israeli port of Eilat.

It was a live broadcast.

Iran and Hamas denounced the briefing and the findings, calling the seized weapons a fabrication by the Israeli government.

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