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WASHINGTON — Northeast of Cairo, an Egyptian military officer and a soldier were killed while riding in an army vehicle by Islamist gunmen.

egyptian military checkpointReuters reported that the interim government, installed by the Egyptian military to unseat the Islamist Muslim Brotherhood, is worried that this means the Islamist influence has reached to other parts of the country.

Another officer and soldier were wounded in the attack, where militants fired automatic weapons on the army vehicle.

Typically, Islamist militants operate out of the Sinai Peninsula, which is a constant worry for neighboring Israel. Hamas, which is a U.S.-designated terrorist organization, operates in the Gaza Strip, which borders Sinai.

After the ouster of Islamist President and leader of the Muslim Brotherhood, Mohammed Morsi, violence are on the rise between the Egyptian military and Muslim Brotherhood-friendly militants. Morsi’s unpopular and destructive policies led to massive and widespread protests, which convinced the military to unseat Morsi for the sake of the country.

Morsi is now on trial and faces a variety of charges from inciting violence and threatening the future of the country.

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