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WASHINGTON — The country of Iraq, torn apart by Islamist terrorists so extreme that it is not officially part of the immediate terrorist network al-Qaeda, has asked the U.S. for air support in their civil war.

Anbar ClashesReuters reported that U.S. President Barack Obama has bided his time to decide a course of action regarding Iraq. He has indicated that they would use “targeted strikes” to hit the terrorists that are advancing across the country.

The large city of Mosul as well as Fallujah have fallen to the Islamist terrorist group, the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (known as ISIL). There are disputes whether the group should be called ISIL or a close ISIS, which is the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria and is a similar Islamist terrorist group.

Now, the Kurds are fighting to preserve their own autonomous, oil-rich region in the north while the Iraqi army has deserted and ran away from the terrorists. The terrorists are Sunni Muslims, while the government is run by Shi’a Muslims.

Iran may partner with the U.S. to stop the militant threat, which could possibly seize Baghdad in a matter of days.

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