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Hassan Rouhani

WASHINGTON — Iranian President Hassan Rouhani made a bold statement about Western sanctions on his Islamic regime, especially as nuclear program talks seem to be collapsing.

Reuters reported that Rouhani expected that the international sanctions on Iran will eventually unravel in several months, after months and months of negotiations with the West in Switzerland. The Obama administration said the sanctions would be lifted after a more comprehensive deal is reached. The prospects of that are dimming with each passing day.

In a town in an Iranian border province, Rouhani told the crowd:

“With your support, this government has taken the first steps towards the lifting of the brutal sanctions … We will witness the sanctions shattering in the coming months…

“Today we already see the sanctions unraveling.”

The West want Iran to curb its nuclear program, which Iran said is for civilian purposes. If Iran weaponizes their nuclear program, it could lead to a nuclear weapons arms race in a volatile Middle East region. But, the Western sanctions have almost crippled the country, which is why the Iranian government is negotiating to ease sanctions.

In an interim deal, reached last November, U.S. and E.U. negotiators said they would lift sanctions on precious metals and petrochemical sectors for six months in exchange for permanent cutbacks in their nuclear program.

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