Accuracy in Media

WASHINGTON — Iranian dissidents from the recently-undesignated terrorist group Mujahadin-e-Khalq were killed in an attack on their Iraq camp north of the capital city of Baghdad. This underscores the widespread violence in Iraq as thousands have died this year in religious-related violence.

camp ashrafReuters reported that sources indicated several dissidents were executed by machine gun fire with their hands tied behind their backs. But the reports could not be substantiated as all sides disputed the initial reports.

At least 47 people were killed after a mortar bomb attack hit the camp and the Iranian group blamed the Iraqi military for the bloodshed and violence. Sources said that the Iraqi army and special forces repelled an attack on a post at the camp, known as Camp Ashraf, which the Iraqi government wanted closed down.

The United Nations called for an investigation into the “tragic events” of the camp attack and the U.S. condemned the violence.

The Iraqi government said that the accusations they were attacked were false and were ordering an investigation of their own.

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