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WASHINGTON — As Iran’s polls came to a close on Friday, there was limited true expression of free speech and voting as the Iranian theocratic regime had kept major reformists and their leaders at home.

iran mousaviReuters reports that four years after the Green Revolution, which was brutally crushed by the Iranian regime, that the regime and their supporters are preventing opposition leaders from leaving their homes.

Among some of the techniques are house arrests with doors and windows not barred shut, but welded shut. Ayatollah Khamanei, the second Supreme Leader of Iran’s Islamic Republic, wants to ensure that no widespread protests or demonstrations come to fruition during this election.

Opposition leaders Mirhossein Mousavi and Mehdi Karoubi were the reformist candidates that led the failed Green Revolution in 2009, disputing the 2009 election results are now under house arrest with being formally charged with crimes. But, under constant surveillance and being kept indoors, families and friends worry for their health as they are now in their 70s.

“This is illegal even according to our laws and regulations,” Karoubi’s son Mohammed Taghi Karoubi said from Britain. “No one has officially taken responsibility for this illegal action.”

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