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WASHINGTON — Corruption has taken the spotlight in India’s politics, and a major political figure has criticized politician’s move to prevent themselves from being prosecuted for corruption.

india rahul gandhiReuters reported that Rahul Gandhi, a family member of the powerful Nehru-Gandhi political machine, slammed the recent cabinet move to protect corrupt officials who were found guilty of crimes in court.

Adding insult to injury, Gandhi criticized his own party whose cabinet made the immunity decision.┬áThe article also said that about 30% of India’s lawmakers in the federal and state level have been found guilty of various crimes.

The cabinet order was passed this week and allowed politicians, who were convicted of crimes, to hold office and run for election. The move was put into place to protect allies of Gandhi’s Congress party so they could possibly form a ruling coalition in the next election cycle.

Gandhi said:

“My opinion on the ordinance is that it’s complete nonsense and it should be torn up and thrown out…I feel, personally feel, that what our government has done as far as this ordinance is concerned is wrong.”

His father, grandmother and great-grandmother were prime ministers of India and his mother, Sonia Gandhi, heads the Congress party.

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