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WASHINGTON — The state of Arizona, ignored and disregarded by the Obama administration in the White House, plans on requiring voters in state elections to show proof of citizenship. Reuters was

obama vs jan brewerReuters reported, hinting this was an outrageous act, said Arizona will implement Voter ID measures “after it lost a high court battle to demand such documentation for federal elections.” But, the key difference is that this will be implement in state elections and will not circumvent the court ruling.

Arizona also restricted the issuing of state driver’s licenses to illegal immigrants.

The U.S. Supreme Court did strike down a Voter ID law in Arizona, which would protect voter integrity by stopping illegal immigrants from voting in federal elections. But, what Reuters did not specifically state was that Arizona has a right to implement such laws for state elections.

This new measure, called Proposition 200, is valid for state and local elections. It was passed by Arizona voters back in 2004.

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