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Immigration “Reform” Bill passes Senate; House up next

WASHINGTON — The bill that Democrats and several Republicans have dubbed “immigration reform” is now cleared the U.S. Senate. Big (Left) Media [1] continues to support liberal efforts for lax immigration reform and the Gang of Eight [2]‘s proposals have upset conservatives.

ted cruz hearing [3]The Associated Press reports [4] that the 1,200-plus page bill has cleared a Senate vote 67-27 (seven more votes than the required minimum of 60) and will head to the House for a vote.

The House Republicans, which dominate the lower legislative chamber, have adamantly voiced their opposition to this immigration bill. Although the AP called it a “historic immigration legislation”, it does not pass the eye test for the House Republicans.

The bill promises to spend $30 billion on new border security measures, but does not require the building of a security fence. Instead, it calls for 24/7 drone surveillance and more Border Security agents.

Rising GOP star, Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX), said the bill’s supporters pushed a bill that “very much want a fig leaf” on the issue of actual border security and immigration reform.

President Barack Obama has called for immigration reform [5] as other key legislation in his second term have failed such as gun control and global warming.