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WASHINGTON — The bill that Democrats and several Republicans have dubbed “immigration reform” is now cleared the U.S. Senate. Big (Left) Media continues to support liberal efforts for lax immigration reform and the Gang of Eight‘s proposals have upset conservatives.

ted cruz hearingThe Associated Press reports that the 1,200-plus page bill has cleared a Senate vote 67-27 (seven more votes than the required minimum of 60) and will head to the House for a vote.

The House Republicans, which dominate the lower legislative chamber, have adamantly voiced their opposition to this immigration bill. Although the AP called it a “historic immigration legislation”, it does not pass the eye test for the House Republicans.

The bill promises to spend $30 billion on new border security measures, but does not require the building of a security fence. Instead, it calls for 24/7 drone surveillance and more Border Security agents.

Rising GOP star, Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX), said the bill’s supporters pushed a bill that “very much want a fig leaf” on the issue of actual border security and immigration reform.

President Barack Obama has called for immigration reform as other key legislation in his second term have failed such as gun control and global warming.

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