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Idaho couple and Ski Resort fight over Twitter name

WASHINGTON — Leonard Barshack, an Internet entrepreneur and former Wall Street analyst, is suing Twitter and an Idaho ski resort for taking his Twitter handle. The Associated Press reports [1] that this controversy will not go away.

sun valley twitter [2]Barshack started his Twitter profile as @SunValley, which is the same name as a prominent ski resort in Idaho. Barshack started the Internet e-mail listing service Bigfoot and is no stranger to ingenuity. In his lawsuit, he argues that he should get his Twitter handle back.

He felt forced to sue when he said he was not violating Twitter policy of impersonation. He wanted to use it to promote business in the Sun Valley region.

He said he has “no interest in any monetary reward. I want what was unethically taken from me returned”.

Until this controversy is resolved, his current Twitter handle is @LennyBarshackForNow.