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Human Rights Group demands Investigation into killings of Morsi supporters

WASHINGTON — An alliance of 13 human rights groups demands an investigation into forceful dispersals of Morsi supporters this past August, which Egyptian security forces killed dozens of protesters.

egyptian riots post morsi [1]Reuters reported [2] that the interim government cracked down on Morsi supporters and jailed thousands of them, in addition to outlawing the radical Islamist movement, the Muslim Brotherhood, and arrested key figures [3] within the movement.

Former and deposed president Mohammed Morsi is now facing trial [4] for inciting violence and treason against Egypt. And, the Egyptian courts upheld the ban [5] on the Muslim Brotherhood.

The group accused the Egyptian security forces of “excessive and unjustified use of lethal force” to disperse two sit-in protests by Morsi supporters in Cairo.

But, the group overlooked the brutal suppression of democracy by the Morsi government and his Muslim Brotherhood supporters, such as jailing bloggers [6] and conducting terrible economic policies [7] that nearly destroyed the Egyptian economy.