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WASHINGTON — ObamaCare, or its official name the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act, faces another political hurdle: the House Republicans.

Barack ObamaReuters reports that the House GOP approved what the news agency termed, “symbolic legislation” to delay key coverage requirements of ObamaCare.

Barack Obama’s sole legislative achievement during his term as president was passing this universal health care law that has been dubbed “ObamaCare”. Now, his administration has delayed the implementation of a key component of the law, the employer mandate, and has gotten Republicans, conservatives and libertarians riled up.


The employer mandate is where businesses face fines if they have 50 or more employees and will have to provide health care for them. Some point to the recent jobs report released two weeks ago, with a huge increase in part-time jobs, as the business community’s reaction to the employer mandate.

Some allege that Obama is blatantly disobeying the law he wrote, since it said it had to be implemented by the start of next year in 2014.¬†Obama’s administration said the implementation of this particular mandate will not be until next year in 2015.

The health care law was called a tax in last year’s decision by the Supreme Court, but has not been favorably viewed by the American public. Instead of being able to keep your current health care plans and doctors, which Obama said would happen, the law is imposing universal health care on everyone and premiums are on the rise.

To add insult to injury, the ObamaCare delays mean that people will be put on the honor system when they go to receive medical attention and could overburden the health care industry while mixing up billing practices even more.

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