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WASHINGTON — The “Defund ObamaCare” push by Heritage Action, a lobbying arm for the conservative Heritage Foundation, seems to be approved by House Republicans.

A billboard advertising the defunding of "Obamacare" the ACA, paid for by the conservative Heritage Foundation, is pictured in New YorkReuters reported that Speaker John Boehner has jumped on board with the bill to defund ObamaCare and temporarily shut down the government if needed.

The plan entails delaying the entire health care law, which is highly unpopular among Americans across the board, for up to a year and funding the government for the year. The House GOP plans to send the bill to the Senate and hopefully to the President for approval.

The law is so unpopular that Obama drafted former president Bill Clinton to sell it to Americans, and is unworkable to the point that the Obama administration has delayed several provisions of the health care law.

U.S. President Barack Obama, during his speech on the Navy Yard shooting, said he will not negotiate with the GOP over the debt ceiling. That statement alone led many pundits and columnists to attack Obama’s move as a classless partisan maneuver during a national tragedy.

The government is expected to default in mid-October, or in a couple of weeks, until the debt ceiling is raised.

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