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Hezbollah entrance into Syrian fighting forces Western intervention

WASHINGTON — Hezbollah’s entrance into the Syrian civil war is now forcing the West to intervene in some manner, reports [1] Reuters. Hezbollah tipped the scales in the fighting along the Syria-Lebanon border near the city of Qusair.

hezbollah in syria [2]Hezbollah hinted [3] at entering the war before, but after heavy fighting [4] and casualties, Hezbollah and Syrian regime soldiers under the dictatorial president Bashar al-Assad have tightened their grip around rebel positions.

With Qusair under control, now Syrian forces and government regime have a pipeline to the Mediterranean Sea and a path to their Hezbollah allies in Lebanon. Iran’s continued military support [5] in addition to Russia [6] bolsters the regime as well.

France and the U.S. are deciding on whether to send weapons and to arm the Syrian rebels, even though there are strong anti-American al-Qaeda elements within the rebel movement.

But, with Hezbollah’s entrance, it puts more pressure on the West to take some action as the Arab League has proven ineffective at providing a diplomatic solution in their backyard. The U.N. has performed just as poorly [7] throughout the two-year civil war.