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WASHINGTON — As if the ObamaCare online enrollment wasn’t a bust, the price tag is a lot worse to look at if you’re an American taxpayer.

obamacare glitchThe Daily Caller, citing other sources and news reports, said that the cost (so far) of a glitchy, error-prone online enrollment website cost American taxpayers over $634 million to design and operate.

CNN reporter Brian Todd said, on air, that the Obama administration was warned of these technical problems “months in advance” and still gave it the go-ahead. Here’s the newsclip of Todd’s report on CNN (via RealClearPolitics):

Also, The Daily Caller compared the monstrous amount paid to contractor CGI Federal (who helped design the failed ObamaCare website) to other tech start-ups. LinkedIn took about $200 million to build, Spotify about $288 million and the $634 million spent on the website cost more than the cost to start Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

Does this make you feel better about ObamaCare?

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