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Hey Obama, Putin approves you cutting Asia trip short!

WASHINGTON — Feel great about the Obama-induced partial government shutdown [1]? Now Russian President Vladimir Putin issues his support on Obama cutting his Asia trip short to return stateside.

U.S. President Obama laughs while talking with Russian counterpart Putin before the first session of the G20 Summit in Los Cabos [2]Reuters reported [3] that U.S. President Barack Obama was in Asia to visit Indonesia for the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC) meeting this upcoming week, but canceled it to head home to the U.S.

Putin told the press at APEC that, “We see what is happening in U.S. domestic politics and this is not an easy situation. I think the fact that the U.S. president did not come here is quite justified…I think that if I was in his situation, I would not come either. Any head of state would do that, probably.”

But, what is not reported is how Obama, Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid and the Democrat Party refuse to negotiate with the Republicans over getting the government funded. The liberal media blame the Republicans, as demonstrated by the Washington Post’s about-face [4] to first blame both parties then solely blame the GOP. The House GOP has passed bill after bill to fund the government and delay ObamaCare by one year, but the Democrats want to fund the government with no questions asked and no delay of ObamaCare.

The Obama administration closed parks across the nation even if they were privately funded, such as the World War Two memorial. World War Two veterans from Honor Flight broke down the barriers [5] to visit the memorial in their honor. The Democrats rejected a GOP proposal [6] to keep the parks open.

It also does not help that the Obama administration is not putting out enrollment numbers of their so-called vaunted health care law and its online errors [7], which the liberal media called “glitches [8]” that have lasted almost a week. ObamaCare’s unpopularity [9] is pushing Republicans to at least delay it, but the Democrats will not heed the American people or multiple polls that say it is highly unpopular [10] and Americans think it is too expensive [11].