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HealthCare.Gov only signs up 100,000 in November; 200,000 Total in 2 Months

WASHINGTON — ObamaCare’s failures continue to mount as demand has become stagnant for the national health care law.

huffpo obamacare disaster [1]Bloomberg reported [2] that ObamaCare’s website, HealthCare.gov, only signed up 100,000 additional people in November. October had about the same number of enrollees, which brought the total number to around 200,000 enrollments in the first two months.

Adding insult to injury, the Obama administration had planned to enroll at least 800,000 after two months to keep pace with their 7 million enrollment goal. The Obama administration has seen its poll numbers dipping and support within their own party sinking by the day. The liberal media tried to sell the administration’s rhetoric [3] that enrollment has increased, but these numbers reveal otherwise.

Senate Democrats and even those in the House of Representatives are scrambling to distance themselves [4] from the “disastrous [5]” health care law, with at least a dozen Senators demanding a change in the law. The Republicans offered the “Keep Your Plan” Act [6], which was passed in the House on bipartisan lines but died in the Senate. But, the liberal media keeps asking the Republicans for an alternative plan, even after the “Keep Your Plan” Act was rejected by Senate Democrats.

Obama could only defend his health care law while on a fundraising tour in California [7] and blamed Republicans for the website’s failures. He failed to recognize that his touted “tech surge [8]” has not saved ObamaCare’s website, and that few Americans believed him when he blamed insurance companies [9] for canceling insurance plans after complying with ObamaCare regulations.

Also, the American public is not happy to hear that Obama knew about the website problems [10] earlier this year and that Obama knew ObamaCare would cancel millions of health insurance plans [11].