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WASHINGTON — One of the most underwhelming headlines of recent memory must be Reuters’ Monday piece on President Barack Obama’s past week. Focusing on his address at the graduation ceremony of the all-male Morehouse College in Atlanta, Georgia, Obama tried to reboot his second-term agenda.

obama headlineReuters’ headline ran, “Obama tries to bounce back after a tough week” and accompanied it with a photo of a confident Obam tightening a tie around his neck. If Reuters’ goal is trying to salvage the pieces of Obama’s innocence, Reuters has done an adequate cover job for Obama.

The past week has been a lightning rod for controversy. First, the congressional hearing on Benghazi disrupted the Obama administration’s insistence that Benghazi was caused by a reaction to a YouTube video. Next, news broke on how the IRS targeted Tea Party and conservative groups for their practices while leaving liberal organizations alone. And, to top it off, the Department of Justice run by Attorney General Eric Holder told the Associated Press that they had monitored their phone while conducting an investigation.

The liberal media was somewhat outraged after the plethora of scandals emerged, which was surprising to some. However, it is sad that these scandals, which took place before the 2012 election and re-election of Obama, were not disclosed until now.

To say that this was a “tough week” is failing to acknowledge the gravity of the situation.

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