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Happy Constitution Day!

We at Accuracy in Media extend our greatest thanks and appreciation to those that made it possible, past, present and future. We look forward and hope that the American people will never forget what the Constitution represents to our country and to the world: a pact between government and its people over unalienable and natural human rights and dignity.

Constitution [1]Today, we remember the contentious but successful Constitutional Convention held in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania in 1787. It took weeks until the delegates from individual states and the presence of an aged yet resolute George Washington before the convention finally agreed on a Constitution, signing it on September 17th.

We thank all those who serve or have served in the armed services to protect America and our beloved Constitution, which is under attack on a daily basis. May we retain that remembrance of the sacrifice of our Founding Fathers and our troops this Constitution Day.

In the words of Ronald Reagan, “Freedom is never more than one generation away from extinction.”

Happy Constitution Day!