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WASHINGTON — The clock ran out when mediators tried to extend a 72-hour truce between the Israeli military and the U.S.-designated terrorist group Hamas. However, Hamas had other plans and fired rockets last night into Israel, violating the terms of the ceasefire.

Israel-tanks_2973470bReuters reported that the month-long war between Israel and Hamas has killed 1,875 Palestinians and 64 Israelis, and did not shy from pointing out the majority of Palestinian casualties were civilians and Israel suffered three civilian deaths out of the 64 dead.

However, there was barely no mention of how Hamas has fired thousands of rockets into Israeli territory since the conflict began nor mention of the complex network of underground tunnels that Hamas has constructed. Also, the news agency did not mention how Hamas has ruled the Gaza territory since the withdrawal of Israeli soldiers and settlers and uses Palestinian civilians as human shields.

The war was started, many believe, due to the murder of three unarmed Israeli teenagers by Hamas operatives. That was not mentioned either by Reuters.

The peace negotiations were taking place in Cairo, Egypt, but a resolution is no longer a reality at this point. Hamas wanted the Israeli-Egyptian blockade on Gaza lifted as well as prisoners to be freed, while Israel was willing to extend the truce. Reuters did not list the Israeli demands.

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