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Hamas Fires More Rockets at Israel as Israel Prepares for More Violence

WASHINGTON — Hamas fired more rockets, this time at southern towns in Israel. Israel, in response, called up their reserve troops in preparation for possible escalation of violence between the democratic Jewish state and the terrorist group Hamas.

20120702_israel-flags [1]Reuters reported [2] that dozens of rockets were fired from Hamas-governed Gaza Strip, which Israel said numbered about 40 rockets. Thirty hit Israeli territory and ten were shot down by missile interceptors, according to the Israeli army.

Hamas vowed revenge for Israel’s killing of six of its militants this past weekend, which was in retaliation for the kidnapping and murder [3] of three unarmed Israeli teenagers last month. That tragedy sparked outrage [4] in Israel and abroad, considering that the victims were unarmed youths.¬†Also, three Jewish settlers were taken into custody, questioned, and admitted to a retaliation killing of a Palestinian teenager days after the three Israeli teenagers’ bodies were discovered in a shallow grave.

The Israeli military is ready to mobilize a total of 1,500 reserve troops to prepare for a conflict with Hamas.