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WASHINGTON — Apple is facing scrutiny as the top dog in the technology sector, and is facing a civil trial from the U.S. government. The AP reports that the government is suing Apple for ending competitive e-book prices in 2010.

Apple logoLast Monday, Department of Justice (DOJ) attorney Lawrence Buterman said that the dramatic increase in e-book prices was a deliberate plan by Apple and other book publishers to eliminate Amazon’s $9.99 bargain price for popular e-books, which cost consumers millions of dollars.

Apple continues to be hammered by governments like the U.S. because they are successful and have found loopholes within tax laws. U.S. Senators like John McCain were livid when they discovered that Apple legally had a tax haven in Ireland. But, it still does well among consumers, even having one of its original computers sold for around $668,000.

The DOJ is asking the judge to rule that Apple violated anti-trust laws. Apple’s lawyer Orin Snyder disputed the claim and said that they helped enhance and improve e-books. One of the most poignant statements he made was how the government makes mistakes. He said, “Even our government is fallible, and sometimes the government just gets it wrong.”

That is the sentiment among Americans as the DOJ and Obama administration are facing the IRS scandal and targeting of Tea Party groups and conservative media, DOJ wiretapping AP reporter’s phones and intimidating reporter’s sources, and Benghazi.

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