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WASHINGTON — So much for a complete government shutdown. It is more of a partial government shutdown as an overwhelming majority of government workers head to work this morning.

obama and harry reidUSA Today reported that 59% of nondefense federal workers will head to their offices to work, which is a far cry from the liberal mainstream media and Democrat’s cry of a complete government shutdown.

41% of workers will report to work then be told they’re on furlough (i.e. sent home early), national parks are closed, passport and visa offices will be delayed along with gun permits. Some bankruptcy court proceedings will be slowed down in addition to mortgage application approvals.

The Democrat-majority Senate rejected several last-ditch efforts by the House GOP to prevent a shutdown by defunding ObamaCare, which is one of the most unpopular laws on the books. But, Harry Reid and Obama said they will not negotiate or compromise when Americans want them to.

But, thankfully, the military will be paid as a last-ditch effort of Republicans to push this effort to Barack Obama, who approved it.

It’s almost business as usual in Washington, D.C.

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