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WASHINGTON — President Barack Obama has overplayed his hand by refusing to negotiate, and the Republicans in the House and Senate took note of it. Now Obama said as soon as the debt ceiling is over and resolved, he will push for immigration reform.

raul labradorInitial reports via Twitter by The Hill’s Russell Berman said that House Representative Raul Labrador of Idaho said that any negotiation with Obama in the post-debt ceiling and partial government shutdown world would be “crazy”.

Obama and the Senate Majority Leader, Nevada Democrat Harry Reid, said they refused to negotiate over the partial government shutdown and the current debt ceiling negotiation. The GOP was sick of being stalled by the Democrats and the Obama administration and most likely will not buy into any of Obama’s promises. It also does not help that the liberal media has blamed the shutdown on the Republicans when the Democrats refused several GOP proposals to fund the government.

This would mark yet another pivot by Obama to another topic or flavor of choice. He has pivoted multiple times during his two terms back to the economy with his “shovel ready jobs” promotion, which went nowhere with his expensive economic stimulus package.

Obama has pivoted to his version of immigration reform and that effort was stalled in Congress. He has also pivoted to gun control in the post-Newtown, Connecticut shooting and that effort was shot down by American people.

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