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WASHINGTON — Google has offered another set of concessions to the European Union regulators about its technology for operating the Google search engine.

googleReuters reported that the most recent concession, the third such one during the three-year investigation, could help Google avoid a fine of about $5 billion.

Google is also facing a potential investigation of its Android software. Italy and the United Kingdom have proposed enacting taxes on big companies like Google within the last year.

The investigation started in November 2010, alleging that Google promoted itself at the expense of other competitors. Apparently, the concession and the regulatory commission could receive input from Google’s competitors.

The offer means that Google will let its three rivals display logos and web links in a prominent box and content providers now can decide what material Google can use. The company will have to get rid of its own restrictions that prevent advertisers from relocating to competitors like Yahoo! or Bing. Google has a 75% market share of the European search engine market.

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