Accuracy in Media

WASHINGTON — The Spanish government has stopped the shipment of riot gear intended for Venezuelan government supporters and police. The Venezuelan government, led by socialist Nicolas Maduro, was not pleased by this decision.

Mvd6596697The Guardian reported that the Venezuelan government was livid after the Spanish Conservative government suspended sales last month, according to the country’s foreign minister José Manuel García Margallo.

Margallo said, “It is not logical to add fuel to the fire when there is a conflict,” he said. “It’s a way of saying that the climate of violence should be replaced by a climate of dialogue.”

Venezuela’ government said, among other things, “[We] categorically rejects the unfortunate remarks [by Garcia Margallo].” The government went on and added that Spain does not have “the moral authority to offer advice on violence or dialogue when the world has witnessed how Spanish people have risen up to protest at policies that are both exclusionary and in violation of human rights”.

The Guardian also reported that 39 people have been killed in protests so far and more than 600 hurt. The protests pit pro-Socialist government supporters against the pro-free market Venezuelans, who are upset about rampant crime, soaring unemployment and rationing of basic supplies like wine and toilet paper.

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