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Global Warming undergoes Setback with new Report

WASHINGTON — The mainstream media and the climate change activists were dealt a big blow when the most recent State of the Climate report was released this past week.

climate change [1]Reuters reports [2] that although last year was one of the ten hottest on record, “with sea levels at record highs”, the overall global temperatures have fallen.

The past decade saw a decline of 0.09 degrees Fahrenheit (or 0.05 degrees Celsius), said NOAA’s National Climatic Data Center director Thomas Karl. He tried to salvage the results by saying the 50-year trend indicates a rise in temperature of 0.27 degrees Fahrenheit or 0.015 degrees Celsius.

Still, they warn that this is a “new normal” and should be a warning sign for the world about climate change, or its older name of global warming. There have been skeptics over the years, including U.S. Senator James Inhofe [3].