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Germany’s Merkel tries to lower Youth Unemployment

WASHINGTON — Angela Merkel, Germany’s current prime minister, is searching for answers on how to solve rising youth unemployment in Germany. She met with European Union leaders last Wednesday to come up with ideas.

angela merkel [1]Reuters reports [2] that Merkel’s opponents call this move a pre-election ploy to gain votes.

She met with EU leaders in Berlin to address eurozone unemployment of 12% and the potential of the “lost generation [3]” in Spain and Greece (where more than half of the under-25-year-olds are out of work). Crime is on the rise [4] in Spain, which has been caused by a prolonged economic recession and deep yet unfamiliar budget cuts [5].

Other countries blame Germany for their economic woes notwithstanding, even when Greece suffers GDP losses of up to 5% due to tax evasion [6] and Spain is dealing with a corruption trial [7] of their ruling party’s former treasurer. Germany pushes other countries to cut spending and debt to receive their bailout packages, which many of the struggling EU countries cannot stand [8].

Merkel’s opposition, the Social Democrats, have called this upcoming meeting a “show summit”.