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German Parties want more Input in EU Decisions; Merkel says No

WASHINGTON — German parties want more sway in European Union affairs and have pushed for nationwide referendums to approve or disapprove future policies.

angela merkel eu flag [1]Reuters reported [2] that Angela Merkel, the current German chancellor, will most likely disagree with this decision and will try to scrap it.

But, the proposal was an agreement between politicians from Merkel’s Christian Democrats and the other major party, the Social Democrats. It entailed that every time an EU policy was enacted, Germany will hold national referendums to vote for or against these policies. Some examples are admitting a new member into the EU or bailout packages.

Germany has footed the bill for expensive bailouts in recent years in places like Greece, and Germans are weary of being the sole backer of these exorbitant efforts. It could signal a tired German public who wants control over their decisions and not from the EU bureaucracy based in Brussels, Belgium. And, adding to that, their economy [3] is not exactly roaring right now.