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German candidates Spar over Economy

WASHINGTON — The German electoral race is getting closer to the end as incumbent Chancellor Angela Merkel faced off against her Social Democrat opponent Peer Steinbrueck.

merkel debate [1]Reuters reported [2] that Merkel has led the entire electoral race from the start as Germany continues to buoy up the European Union [3] and the eurozone currency system, but even that cannot last forever [4].

Some of the topics that they discussed were the euro, tax policy and U.S. spying programs, which U.S. National Security Agency leaker Edward Snowden [5] revealed in mid-2013.

Steinbrueck faced a tough challenge [6] from the start as Germany is doing relatively well compared to the other E.U. economies and his debate performance, which was a positive one, will need to convince German voters that he is the right decision for the country in the near future.