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WASHINGTON — The verdict in one of the most scrutinized court cases in recent memory, where George Zimmerman was on trial for killing black teenager Trayvon Martin, came late Saturday night.

cnn zimmermanThe six-member jury, which was composed of all women, ruled that Zimmerman was not guilty of committing second-degree murder. Other additional charges were also thrown out.

The liberal media used this trial as an illustration of racial violence and sent social media abuzz after the verdict. There was no rioting or violence but only demonstrations after the news of the verdict was making its way across the country.

Twitter and Facebook went ablaze with trends such as #ZimmermanTrial. And, the following day which was Sunday, #TrayvonMartin and #NoJustice were trending, indicating dissent and disgust among the anti-Zimmerman and pro-Trayvon crowd.

Now, the country turns back to the normal news cycle and will have to find ways to heal and come back together, no thanks to the race-baiting tactics of the liberal media.

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