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WASHINGTON — George Will, a nationally-syndicated columnist and contributor to Fox News Channel after leaving ABC, elaborated on what Americans now understand about the likes of Jonathan Gruber and progressive academics.

george will on gruber

On Fox News’ All-Star Panel, Will said Gruber’s remarks expose the undemocratic nature of academics and those who developed and built ObamaCare. He said Gruber’s remarks about the “stupidity of the American voter” illustrate progressivism’s core:

“First, the academic culture that is the incubator of the progressive spirit in this country; he is arrogant, he is condescending, and he’s not just indifferent to, he’s actually hostile to the ethics of democratic deliberation.”

Will continued:

“Progressivism for a hundred years has said we need a clerisy, a small clerisy to manage the bovine masses who do not know how to conduct their lives. This is a tutorial we’re getting in the progressive spirit.”

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