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WASHINGTON — The French Socialists saw part of its local support ebb during the local election season.

francois hollande pauseBBC reported that the far-right National Front party had won an outright majority in one of the towns in several areas in France during the first round of elections. The local elections will elect mayors and council officials in about 36,000 French towns and consists of several rounds.

In the northern town of Henin-Beaumont, which had historically voted for left-leaning politicians and parties, saw its residents cast a 50.26% for the National Front candidates. Avignon and Perpignan, located in southern France, also elected National Front candidates.

This vote is important because it could show how popular the Socialist Party is in France, which is very unpopular after two years in power in Paris. A low turnout in the elections also hurt the Socialists, where up to 35% of voters decided to stay home and not vote during the first round.

The Socialist leader, French President Francois Hollande, has endured low presidential ratings and a major scandal where he cheated on his longtime girlfriend.

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