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WASHINGTON — You know Ronald Reagan wouldn’t stand for this: a strike by the French airport traffic controllers has the country in upheaval, albeit for a short time.

french air traffic controller strikeThe Associated Press reports that the air traffic controllers are on strike to force an overhaul in their industry. It affected French airports and forced them to cut their flight timetables in half this week in addition to cancellations.

The country’s Civil Aviation Authority said up to 1,800 flights were cancelled because of the strike. The strike took place because the French air traffic controllers do not like the European Union plan to centralize the continent’s air space and eliminate duplicity of work within the industry.

The unions believe the plan will cost jobs and reduce pay, and in this widespread economic downturn it seems to be a legitimate concern. The strike will last at least 2 days.

The EU Transport Commissioner Siim Kallas said that the EU wants to make a speedy transition to the centralization plan because without it, the current inefficiencies and duplicity costs an annual $6.6 billion to airlines and customers.

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