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WASHINGTON — Some would say that it is ironic that a socialist leader would be caught talking poorly about poor people, considering how socialism is supposed to help the poor be on equal terms and footing with the rich. France’s current president and leader, Francois Hollande, is in such a quandary.

francois hollande pauseReuters reported that a recent book alleged Hollande did not like poor people, which Hollande and his supporters deny. But, it does not wipe away the reality that Hollande is very unpopular.

This led to Hollande stating that he will stay until his current term ends in 2017. After a NATO summit in Wales, Hollande told reporters, “”I was elected for five years by the French people. I am halfway through my mandate…There is no poll, as difficult as it may be… that can interrupt the mandate the people have given to the president of the Republic.”

Even Reuters said his ratings were “record low” in opinion polls, bottoming out at 13%. The French economy is still in a recession and showing little sign of recovery. His party, the Socialist Party, is losing ground to the right-wing opposition as recent elections have shown.

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