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France’s Hollande in middle of an Affair Controversy

WASHINGTON — French Socialist President Francois Hollande intended to lay out a plan to help jump-start the French economy, but those plans were derailed when news of a potential affair hit the tabloids.

francois hollande france [1]Reuters reported [2] that Hollande’s longtime girlfriend, Valerie Trierweiler, was admitted to a French hospital due to shock of the news.

Hollande reportedly had an affair with the French movie actress Julie Gayet, according to a French celebrity magazine. ¬†Hollande’s office criticized the leak and the news, but did not outright deny an affair. After his remarks on the economy and his plan to right the country, Hollande said that this is a private issue and that the press should focus on his economic plan.

Hollande is one of the most unpopular French presidents [3] in modern history, with a stagnant and struggling French economy [4] dragging down his approval ratings.