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France urges help for volatile Central African Republic

WASHINGTON — France is again urging international assistance and intervention in Africa, this time it is about the Central African Republic (CAR).

france laurent fabius [1]Reuters reported [2] that France’s foreign minister, Laurent Fabius, said that without an international intervention, the region will destabilize even more.

France had intervened in a quick military campaign [3] in Mali, one of its former colonies, to beat back a powerful Islamist insurgency that nearly toppled the military government. To avoid another Afghanistan-like [4] situation, France turned over the mop-up operations [5] to a coalition of African forces.

Now, the CAR is under serious duress. Seleka rebels took control of the capital city of Bangui and forced out their president, Francois Bozize this past March. The United Nations and human rights groups contend that both sides have committed war crimes in the civil war.

France is urging that another African peacekeeping force be deployed in the CAR, when there are already active deployments in Mali and Somalia.