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Fracking leads to Water Dispute in North Dakota

WASHINGTON — North Dakota’s fracking boom has led to a new wrinkle in energy policy: who has the water rights to provide it to the energy community?

fracking well [1]Fracking is the nickname for hydraulic fracturing and has been a center of heated discussion over U.S. environmental laws, U.S. energy needs,¬†energy independence and jobs. There are several documentaries that try to discredit fracking, but one pro-fracking documentary called “FrackNation [2]” demonstrates the benefits of fracking for the local farming communities.

While the fracking industry grows along the state’s Bakken shale field, the right to provide water to the fast-growing energy sector is a hot topic. According to a Reuters analysis [3], fracking requires more than 2 million gallons of water per fracking well, or equivalent to baths for about 40,ooo people.

North Dakota provides 10% of U.S. energy output and some estimates say it could double over the course of the next 10 years. It has led to an economic boom in the state and can jump-start America’s return to energy independence [4]. Now, there is a dispute over the co-ops of North Dakota water wells and how much will be allocated to the state and then to the fracking industry.