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Fort Hood Killer Gets the Death Penalty

WASHINGTON — With the military trial of U.S. Army major Nidal Hasan [1]┬ápast the deliberation stage, the jurors decided to hand down the death penalty for his terrible actions.

nidal hasan [2]Reuters reported [3] that Hasan did not present any evidence in his defense and did not offer any statement when the trial closed last Tuesday.

Hasan was an Army psychologist who murdered 13 of his own Army colleagues and wounded 31 others at the Fort Hood, Texas army base in November 5, 2009. Only until an armed female guard entered the building was the killing stopped, as most of his victims were unarmed.

Hasan considered his act to be a counter war on the U.S.’s war on Islam and took matters into his own hands several weeks before he was to be deployed to Afghanistan. He said he committed an act of terrorism [4] in the name of Islam.

His standby defense lawyers have argued he is ignoring their advice and mental health evaluators said Hasan told them he wants to die a martyr, a claim he disputed in court.

The most outrageous information about the terrorist attack is how the Army is considering it an incident of “workplace violence” and denied victims and their families certain benefits and medical payments.