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food stamps couponsWASHINGTON — The “Farm Bill” has failed and fallen short of necessary votes in the U.S. House of Representatives, much to the delight of fiscal conservatives.

Reuters reports that the attempt to revive the infamous “farm bill” fell short of the needed votes to come before the floor for a vote.

House Republicans attempted to split the bill into two parts, which was suggested by Tea Party congressional members. The “Farm Bill” was a misnomer, said the Tea Party, because the majority of the bill was to pay for food stamps and not farm subsidies.

By splitting the two, House Republicans believed they could have passed both parts of the bill. But, with this effort falling short, it looks likely that the current version of the law will be extended for the time being.

Conservative lobbying groups Club for Growth and Heritage Action had a large part in the death of the “Farm Bill” based on their congressional rankings and far-reaching influence and membership in conservative circles.

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