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WASHINGTON — European Union spending cuts are now targeting the Portuguese poor, lamented recent reports.

portugal poorReuters reported that the E.U. has enforced spending cuts to their food aid programs and it came at a time where there are more poor Portuguese people than ever before.

The country is going to lose 40% (or $27 million) of food aid that it gets from the E.U. every year. Portugal is the most impoverished nation in the economic bloc and it does not help that its cash-strapped government has not made contingency plans in case E.U. aid goes away.

The Portuguese economy, like Spain’s and most of the E.U., has had record unemployment and budget cuts. 22% of Portugal’s population suffer from “material deprivation” and included 9% that suffer from “severe deprivation”.

Deprivation is when someone does not have enough income to meet basic needs such as food on the table, rent or heat for homes.

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