Accuracy in Media

WASHINGTON — The EPA is going to crack down on air quality rules and their carbon emissions, announced their chief administrator Gina McCarthy.

Gina McCarthy reported the industrial region in northeastern Ohio will be significantly affected by the changes in these regulations. Plants in California could also see their doors close if they do not comply with the rule changes.

As the article noted:

“Stronger standards better protect children and families from ozone pollution,” said McCarthy.

The EPA predicts that every dollar invested to comply with the standards will save up to three dollars in health care costs. It forecasts health savings valued at $6.4 billion to $13 billion yearly in 2025 from the a 70 parts per billion standard, and $19 billion to $38 billion annually in 2025 for a 65 parts per billion standard.  It estimated yearly compliance costs would be $3.9 billion in 2025 for the less stringent standard, and  $15 billion for the higher one.

The current rules are that companies must keep their compliance to emitting only 75 parts per billion at this point, but the revision could possibly drive these industrial regions in the U.S. into a recession if companies cannot comply with these significant restrictions.

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