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Election Day Recap: A Post-Mortem of 2014

WASHINGTON — As we know, the 2014 midterms ended in favor of the Republican Party. The GOP gained a net of 7 U.S. Senate seats, one more than needed to take the outright majority in the upper chamber of Congress. They also held in the House of Representatives, meaning President Obama will have to reach across the aisle if he plans on getting legislation through his last two years in office.

Walker [1]

Here’s a quick recap of how the Senate seats went on Election Day:

Other notable news are that in governor’s races, Republican upstart and businessman Larry Hogan shocked the political world and won in surprising fashion in blue state Maryland [10], while Republican governor Rick Scott won in Florida, beating Charlie Crist [11]. Illinois Governor Pat Quinn has not conceded [12] to Republican challenger Bruce Rauner in a close race and Wendy Davis, the darling of the pro-abortion Left, lost to Republican Greg Abbott [13] in Texas’ contest.

Scott Walker, a GOP 2016 favorite, beat his Democratic challenger [14] Mary Burke.

The U.S. is seeing “red,” and now Harry Reid is no longer the Senate Majority Leader.